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Publication: An Agent-based Model on Human Decision-making in a Multi-modal Travel Environment

The MARS Group recently developed an agent-based model to study human behavior and decision-making in the context of multi-modal urban travel. The model is set around the subway station U Kellinghusenstra├če, which the city recently declared a so-called HVV switch point. As such, it is one of the many crucial transfer location between the city’s public transportation system and a wide range of other travel modalities. During a simulation, agents exit the subway station to continue their trip to a nearby point of interest of their choosing. To do so, they may choose between motorized modalities (owned or free-floating shared car), cycling modalities (owned and station-based shared bicycles), and travel on foot.

A simulation box was prepared and published online, enabling modelers to run their own simulations of the modeled scenario. It can be downloaded here.

For more details on the model, please see our MDPI publication here.

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