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Feature: Digital Twin Research by the MARS Group in the campushunter Career Magazine

The MARS Group is featured in the current issue of the campushunter career magazine. The SmartopenHamburg (SOHH) model is a digital twin of the city of Hamburg, designed to enable the study of multimodal traffic and movement in an urban system. The article explores the challenges of developing representative and trustworthy models of complex multivariate systems. Specifically, the ability to predict future states relies on an accurate understanding of present states, from which the model starts its projection into the future. During the process, the course of the projection can be corrected by realigning parts of the model with real-time data from the real. Such course corrections can increase the validity of the final model output. The MARS Group actively explores this approach and other ways to increase the acceptance of predictive models.

A PDF version of the full campushunter issue is available for download here.

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